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The Narang Group is involved in several key market areas, including textiles, electrical & plumbing, bathrooms, and food & drink.

The textiles division is the oldest part of our portfolio, established over 30 years ago it has provided the backbone of the group's successes. Through the experience gained importing and re-distributing textiles internationally we branched out into other ventures and took them by storm too.

The company has gone through a variety of expansion projects, from opening a new 100,000 square foot warehouse with adjoining luxury offices, to ongoing investment into updating IT systems.

Always aided by a constant focus on finding driven and talented employees, and a prudent business acumen.

The group is ever looking for unique and lucrative ideas to add to our portfolio and we have shown our entrepreneurial prowess by successfully establishing our own brands into the fields in which we trade most.

Our strong links with manufacturers and suppliers, coupled with our own transport division, our extensive warehouse facilities, our keen eye for marketing, in house design, dedicated customer service representatives, constant focus on customers, and you... the consumer, have made the Narang Group into the thriving enterprise it is today.

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